Heat Exchangers & Pressure Vessels, Storage Tanks - IBR Approved Shop

Manufacturers of heat transfer equipments serving Oil & Gas, Power Generation Plants, HT/ LT Motors. We have wide range of Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers, Pressure Vessels, storage tanks as per as per the TEMA, ASME, API and IS standards.

United has completed projects in short period for supply of spares, re-tubing & maintenance of Oil Coolers & tube bundles for heat exchangers, LP Heaters already installed in commissioned plants.

We also have range of Finned Tubes an in- house facility. Currently, two ranges of finned tubes are under production. Finned tubes enable quicker dissipation and higher heat-Transfer coefficient is obtained in heat exchangers.

Crimped Fin: Spiral crimped Fin tubes are made under high mechanical tension bonding process; fin material is helically wound over the tube to get maximum contact of tube.
Maximum operating temperature for this fin type is 250°C.
Fin Material: Copper

Wire Wound:
These finned tubes have fins made of wire instead of strips. Continuous loops of wire are formed and are continuously soldered to the circumference of the tube to ensure 100% contact. Loops per turn and turns per foot can be altered as per surface area requirements. Due to continuous soldering of wire loops these finned tubes offer very high heat transfer efficiency with less air pressure drop.
Maximum operating temperature for this fin type is 180°C.
Wire Material: Copper: Bare & Tinned