Phase Segregated Terminal Boxes

Phase segregated terminal boxes to eliminate phase to phase faults. In the event of a fault developing between phase and earth in one of the glass reinforced plastic terminal enclosure, the rapid buildup of pressure will cause the enclosure to fracture across the rear wall, thus releasing hot gases and flame into the steel phase segregated compartment.
If the fault level is low, fault products will be contained within the compartment.
If the fault level is high & excessive, then the Bakelite relief disc will fail and the fault product will pass into the motor interior where it will rapidly cool and disperse by venting into the machine space phase to phase fault are thus eliminated.

7. a. Phase Segregated Terminal Box:
7. a.1 Non Flame Proof Motors Fitted with this type of terminal box.
7. a.2 Installed in many Petrochemical and other important installations.
7. a.3 Weatherproof for Outdoor applications
7. a.4 Suitable for 3300, 6600 or 11000 volt systems.
7. a.5 Fault Capacities: 3.3kv 250 MVA with 400Amps FL Current
Fault Capacities: 6.6kv 500 MVA with 360Amps F Current
Fault Capacities: 11kv 500 MVA with 210Amps FL Current
7. a.6 Phase to Phase faults eliminated
7. a.7 Maximum size of stator winding cable 120 Sq. mm
7. a.8 Replaceable indicating desiccators units (one per phase). Supply cable entry any four 90 directions.

7. b. Phase- insulated Flame Proof Terminal Box:
7. b.1 Weatherproof for Outdoor applications including division 2 areas.
7. b.2 Suitable for 3300 volt systems.
7. b.3 Fault capacity 250 MVA with 400 Amps FL current.
7. b.4 Phase to Phase protection.
7. b.5 Replaceable indicating desiccators unit.
7. b.6 Supply cable entry from above or below.

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